Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Advertising Main Points:

We pair your desired targeted market with your business via digital advertising.


How do we do that?

We use tools such as Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) and Facebook/Meta advertising to show your ads to users looking for your services – or who have shown an interest in similar services.


Why should you entrust this task to us instead of doing it yourself?

 Setting up and improving these advertising platforms – mainly on Google Ads – is very laborious and usually demands considerable experience and many hours daily or at least weekly. A mistake can cost.

We have extensive experience, 13 years, in digital advertising for several industries, such as Travel, Retail, Banking, Medical, Insurance, Cars, Hospitality, Retail, Cosmetics, Mobile Communications, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Electronics, Alcohol and Food.


How can we help you?

We will draft the best campaign structure to bring you the best scores on Google, which usually translates into the lowest possible cost per click for your industry and consequently obtain the highest number of qualified leads for your budget.


Is there anything else you should know?

It’s important to note that the first one or two months on Google Ads or other channels are considered a “school fees period” when it’s possible not to see great results. This will vary from business to business, industries and website experience. Some companies will see results over the first weeks, while others will see results in the first weeks.


What do our services include?

Campaign monitoring and technical optimizations to improve results, such as:

  • Budgets and bids adjustment (done 2 to 3 times a week)
  • The keyword and search query report is downloaded and analysed;
  • A selection of new keywords is added monthly to attract new leads;
  • Data and overall results are analysed and compiled in a monthly report with comments and recommendations.


How will you be charged by Google Ads, Meta/Facebook Ads?

*The same for other channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter Ads.


  • Payment of the fees charged by Google and Meta/Facebook – for clicks, views, leads, impressions and other metrics (the Google, Meta/Facebook Ads Payment will be made directly via the client’s credit card number (which is kept safe by Google Ads and Meta/Facebook Ads or another channel interface.


  • It is essential to observe that, on Google Ads, you will enter your card details on the Google Ads secure interface, and you will be automatically charged for advertising costs 30 days after the last automatic charge or whenever your account reaches a predetermined amount known as payment threshold (usually R3,000) whichever comes first.


How’s the process:

  1. Website analysis
  2. Meeting to Discuss business objetives and start drawing Digital marketing strategy
  3. Billing of Service fee
  4. Campaign Kick-off after approval
  5. Client to enter Credit Card details into the Google Ads/Meta Ads or LinkedIn Ads face interface
  6. Tracking, strategy and implementation on Google Analytics (GA4) and Tag Manager (GTM)
  7. Extensive Keyword research to be done
  8. Initial Ad Copy Creation and send it client for approval
  9. While the ad copies are under approval, keywords are organised into campaigns and ad groups
  10. Settings and are selected and bids are set
  11. Audiences and targets selected
  12. Campaign is made live and prove of campaign activation is sent to client

Campaign creation process: Time estimated: from 1 to 2 weeks


Can you describe what’s involved in an AdWords account creation?

Account creation will contain the following:

– A list of keywords (initially from 50 -150 keywords) highly relevant to the business is selected;

– Ad groups  a group of keywords organized by theme (the keywords need to be sorted manually, which takes several hours)

– Ad copies  at least 3 per specific ad group (all copies are sent to the client for approval)

– Ad extensions  other critical unique selling points or characteristics that are interesting to the users looking for your services or products;

– Settings selection – the selection of settings which will establish where and when the campaigns will be shown, the kind of campaigns that will be running, the daily budget to be used, and the hours of the day selected for the campaign to run.

– **These long and laborious tasks ensure the account achieves the best Cost per click and performance for the given budget.